There is no one more important to take care of than yourself

Posted by Brad Siegel on 11/1/2018


November is a time when fatigue and frustration may occur with overloaded schedules.  School is a marathon, not a sprint.  Self-care is an important dimension of individual wellness to preserve energy in meeting the demands of school.  


Elena Aguilar, in Onward (2018), describes sleep as the key ingredient to self-care most often neglected.  Brain research suggests that sleep deprivation can limit cognition, memory, and creativity.  Other aspects of physical wellness requiring self-care (e.g. nutrition or exercise) seep into our physiological, emotional, and social functions.  


Regardless of the method, consider the value of self-care when navigating your daily living.  It does not always take a lot to infuse a little self-care into your life.  For example, I intentionally take time out of my schedule to visit classrooms purely for the purpose of enjoyment.  I requested pieces of student art work (see above) to bring life, energy, and authenticity to my physical space for perspective and inspiration when working on difficult tasks.  Find what works for you, and attend to yourself.