Being present

Posted by Brad Siegel on 10/1/2018


October is the month when school kicks into high gear -- weeks of uninterrupted daily instruction.  In USR, we want all of our students to thrive, and to do so requires that we our mindful about our students' wellness needs.  This anchor chart, illustrated in one of our classrooms, demonstrates a commitment to always being present


Along with mindful messages, we need to provide students with strategies to navigate the rigor of school and pause to reflect on their learning.  Elena Aguilar ends one of her chapters from Onward (2018) with a daunting fact that is complemented with sound advice.  Each day, our minds are consumed with roughly 65,000 thoughts.  That can be extremely burdensome and disturbing to one's emotional stability.  Mindful practices (being present) can help us acknowledge these thoughts and determine which ones are worthy of occupying our time.