Recognizing community within

Posted by Brad Siegel on 9/6/2018

welcome back

Reynolds was one of the first schools in the area to illustrate a welcome message to its students on the first day of school with chalk etchings.  The colorful array of images sets such a wonderful tone to the year.  Our staff members thoroughly enjoy creating this art work and sharing it with our community.  


September is a month of transiton and new beginnings for everyone.  It is important that we embrace our anticipation with a hopeful, committed, and energetic outlook to all we do in school.  


Each month, I will post a blog entry that includes one key image and a theme for the month.  These themes are drawn from the recently published professional text, Onward (2018), by Elena Aguilar.  This book provides educators with principles and strategies aimed at sustaining an emotionally-strong school culture.  


The theme for September is: Community.  When school begins, each teacher focuses heavily on cultivating a vibrant classroom community, while our administrative seeks to do the same for our staff.  The concrete chalk art work is one of many examples of community-building taking place in Upper Saddle River.  According to Aguilar, healthy school communities occur when relational trust is established through empathy and expansive listening.