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    The Reynolds School Enrichment Program strives to provide excellent learning opportunities for all students while integrating the current curriculum to engage and excite students in learning.  At a young age, every child should have the opportunity to pique their intellectual curiosity and expand their knowledge through enrichment opportunities. The enrichment teacher, in collaboration with classroom teachers, develops and implements whole class lessons and STEM challenges.  These grade level projects inspire students to use their creativity and problem solving skills, while providing opportunities to collaborate with peers and build communication skills. 

    Additionally, the enrichment teacher serves as a teacher-facilitator for techniques of differentiation within the general education classroom.  As a result, every K-2 child in Reynolds School participates in enrichment experiences throughout the year.

    Reynolds School strives to provide excellent learning opportunities for the school-wide population. Assemblies held throughout the year may feature children’s authors, music and dance performances, and historical life experiences. Class field trips boost interest in curriculum areas, as well. Careful planning and communication help to develop the talents of all students.

    As the Enrichment teacher, Ms. Goralski will provide full class enrichment opportunities to all classes.  Additionally, she will work with teachers to provide additional support and push-in as needed.    


    Enrichment Criteria Identification Matrix

    K-8 Checklist for Enrichment Identification

    For more information, please contact Ms. Goralski at cgoralski@usrschoolsk8.com or 201-961-6300 ext. 2047.