• basic

    In the Learning Lab we work to increase the achievement of our students!

    Some things that happen in the Learning Lab include:
    • Learning Check-ups
    • Basic Skills Classes
    • Kindergarten Screening

    Basic Skills is a program in which we support the reading and math instruction in the classroom. Repition and extra practice encourage success.


    You can help your child develop in reading by providing a literature-rich environment for him/her. Read to him/her as much as possible to model fluency and expression. Talk to him/her about the stories you read. Make it fun as you check for understanding by talking about funny parts or favorite parts. Ask questions about the characters, setting, problem and solution in the stories and ask him/her to retell the stories focusing on the main events in the beginning, middle and end.

    Be proud of your child's accomplishments. When your child gets frustrated, keep your cool and be a cheerleader for him/her. Watch your child's confidence and pride soar as he/she see how excited YOU are about his/her reading.


    The basic skills math program is designed to support the Everyday Mathematics program which is used in your child's classroom. Students work on math skills and strategies within a small group setting.

    The Everyday Mathematics program offers the students a broad background in mathematics. It offers a problem-solving approach based on everyday situations, a variety of formats for frequent practice of basic skills, an instructional approach that revisits concepts regularly and a curriculum that explores mathematical content beyond basic arithmetic.​​​​​​​​​​