• District Goals


    Goal #1: Evaluate our district feedback practices and communication of student progress to determine if we need to modify any of our assessment systems.

    Goal #2: Review and modify Cavallini course offerings to ensure student exposure to many different academic fields, while incorporating student choice into the middle school experience.

    Goal #3: Refine the English/Language Arts units of study (K-8) to reflect effective articulation of content and provide targeted professional development in balanced literacy.

    Goal #4: Align and develop STEM district curriculum, resources, community/industry partnerships, and school culture connected to the district (and Quad) STEM vision for education.

    Goal #5: Expand wellness education initiatives that provide students, teachers, and community members with resources that promote healthy mind/body practices, social-emotional learning, positive online behavior, and resilience.



    Board Approved: September 17, 2018