• District Goals



    Classroom Management/Behavior:

    Expand staff support with strategies and interventions to more effectively address student behavior and minimize out of classroom consequences through 1) increased training and guidance in social problem-solving, emotional regulation, and conflict resolution and 2) clearly defined expectations and accountability across staff, students, and parents.

    District Culture:

    Enhance the district and school culture by continuing to promote a positive, inclusive, and supportive environment that strengthens relationships among students and staff, and further cultivates a sense of belonging, respect, and effective collaboration.


    Improve district and building level communication to keep all stakeholders (staff, students, and families) informed with more timely, consistent, and coherent messages about important school matters.


    Perform a systematic evaluation of all K-8 mathematical curricula, instruction, and assessment, as well as professional development practices, and formulate an actionable plan for improvement.


    Board Approved: September 2023