• USR After Care Experience (ACE) 

    The After Care Experience (ACE) program is designed to provide quality childcare after the school day has concluded at 2:30pm for Upper Saddle River School District families. The program is available for children Kindergarten through 8th grade.

    Students are grouped by age/grade level and are assigned to team members. Team members may be different each day. We aim to keep a 1:10 adult to child ratio within the groups.s.
    ACE Mentoring Program (for students in grades 6-8):
    The mentoring program is designed for students in grade 6-8. Mentors will take part in an orientation session with the program director which will consist of an outline of the program, introduction to site coordinators and staff, and outline of daily activities and roles. Students in the mentoring program will help with the following activities: participating and supporting elementary students during workshop activities, welcoming ACE students, and other activities. The goal of the program is to foster leadership and management skills, while supporting peer relationships across the district.
    More information in regards to enrollment deadlines and registration can be found in the ACE handbook.