Virtual Learning Plan

  • How Do I Get Started?
    The virtual day is designed with routine and should include the following ordered steps:
    • Attendance:  Mark your child present or absent each day in Genesis (instructions to follow)
    • Homeroom: Students should use the Homeroom block to read morning messages from their teachers (on Google Classroom) and explore the assignments they have for that day.  
    • Participate:  Navigate through the virtual day by completing assignments and interacting online
    • Reflection: Complete the "Daily Exit Ticket" at the end of each day  (this will be emailed directly to students)
    We are asking parents to log into Genesis, each morning, to report whether their child will be present or absent for the virtual school day.  When marking your child present, you are confirming that he/she is healthy, prepared and intending to participate.  In keeping with normal protocols, we will reach out to parents if no attendance designation is submitted.  You will be receiving an email from our Tech Department including step-by-step instructions on how to record your child's attendance in Genesis.
    Student Schedule
    The student schedule (below) is designed to offer structure and coordinate availability with subject specific teachers.  We strongly recommend students navigate their virtual day by following this schedule; although it is not mandatory.  Each class has been allotted a 40 minute block, however some assignments may require more or less time.  
    Virtual Learning Schedule
    *Students will have Unified Arts assignments only on their scheduled letter day.
    Teacher Availability
    In addition to planning and posting the virtual lessons, all teachers will be available electronically for four 1/2 hour blocks.  They will make every effort to schedule one of those blocks during the time(s) that their subject "meets".  Please understand that some of our teachers have young children who are also staying home from closed schools.  They will always be available for at least four blocks per day, but in some cases it may not be exactly according to the schedule. Students already know how to contact their teachers through Google Classroom and/or by email.  They are encouraged to do so whenever necessary.      
    Google Classroom
    Our students are very familiar with Google Classroom, which is the platform teachers will use to communicate and post assignments.  Each school day, at or before 8:00 am, there will be a morning message from each teacher that includes instructions for the day.  We encourage all parents to view their child's Google Classrooms, as the morning messages will keep you "plugged-in" to the virtual program. 
    Exit Ticket
    At the conclusion of each day, all participating students must complete and submit a "Daily Exit Ticket".  A link to this form will be emailed to the students on a daily basis. The Exit Ticket confirms the students' participation, collects their feedback and documents our school's execution.  The Exit Ticket also allows students to request a School Counselor reach out to them if necessary.  
    Technology Support
    Our Technology Department will be available during regular school hours (Monday-Friday, 7:30 am - 3:00 pm).  You can email them anytime at, The department will also be emailing instructions on how to access Live Chat Support during school hours.  
    *Students should check their school Gmail accounts for daily messages, updates and for the Daily Exit Ticket link