• Reynolds School Code of Conduct

    Our goal is to create a positive climate and a school environment that keeps students safe, ensures students are learning, and treats everyone fairly.  Utilizing our school mascot, the Code of Conduct provides positive expectations in the areas of respect, learning, safety, student relationships, and fairness. Social and emotional learning is an integral part of the school-wide curriculum, supporting our goal.  We focus on themes throughout the year such as citizenship, empathy, problem solving, friendship, and feelings.  These principles are essential for helping children foster healthy relationships, become engaged thoughtful citizens, and enjoy productive, fulfilling lives. 

    Rights and Responsibilities

    Students are expected to:

    R: Reflect and take Responsibility for your own actions and learning. 

    O: Obey school and playground rules.

    C: Care for and Respect  your school, yourself, your friends, and your teachers. 

    K: Keep your hands and feet to yourself; give others personal space. 

    E: Express your ideas and opinions in a positive way.

    T: Treat all others as you would like to be treated. 

    S: Speak and act kindly and politely. Choose words that are not hurtful to others.

    Parent/Guardians are expected to:

    • Model positive behaviors and exercise respect and civility in interactions with staff, students, and members of the community. 

    • Work cooperatively with the school staff to ensure the well-being of all children.

    • Insist on his/her child’s punctual and regular school attendance.

    • Provide emotional, social, and academic support in a student’s school life.

    • Explain, discuss and reinforce compliance with the School Code of Conduct.