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    "As your teacher I promise I will always be in one of three places: 

    in front of you to cheer you on,

    behind you to have your back,

    and next to you so that you aren't walking alone."


         My name is Melissa Radke and I couldn’t be more excited to be your child’s teacher this year. This will be my first year teaching in Upper Saddle River and I am looking forward to being a part of the Bogert School community. This year will be packed full of learning experiences and fun adventures. I promise to do all I can to ensure that your child has a smooth transition into fourth grade, and to support them in their journey in becoming a life-long learner. I believe that enthusiasm in the classroom and ensuring students stay on task are paramount to a productive learning experience.

         Please check this website regularly for important updates and weekly homework information. I believe a key aspect to the success of your child is open teacher to parent communication. Every month, I will be sending home a newsletter will contain several highlights of the upcoming month The newsletter will include the skills and subjects we will be learning, as well as any other important information about what’s happening both in our classroom and school. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time with any questions or concerns you may have. You can contact me at my school phone or email (mradke@usrschoolsk8.com); I promise to always respond back within 24 hours. I can also be reached during my office hours Tuesday and Thursday from 12:20-12:50.

         I am confident that this year will be a successful and rewarding experience. I have high expectations for my students and I look forward to challenging and inspiring your child. We will work together to triumph over any challenges fourth grade may bring. I am looking forward to a fantastic year!