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    Room 2




    Dear Parents:

    Welcome to Spanish Class!

    Learning Spanish will provide students the unique opportunity to become familiar and comfortable with the use of foreign languages and the understanding of new cultures.

    Through a variety of tools like multimedia, music, and peer interaction students will learn to read and communicate in Spanish. They will also gain knowledge of the diverse cultural aspects of many Spanish-speaking countries.

    The curriculum follows the standards for learning a World Language and the NJ Common Core Standards.

    WL- Standards:
    Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons.

    Recognize familiar spoken or written words and phrases contained in culturally authentic materials using electronic information sources related to targeted themes.

    Demonstrate comprehension of simple, oral and written directions, commands, and requests through appropriate physical response.

    Identify familiar people, places, and objects based on simple oral and/or written descriptions.

    Use digital tools to exchange basic information at the word and memorized-phrase level related to self and targeted themes.

    Imitate appropriate gestures and intonation of the target culture(s)/language during greetings, leave-takings, and daily interactions.

    Ask and respond to simple questions, make requests, and express preferences using memorized words and phrases.

    Use basic information at the word and memorized-phrase level to create a multimedia-rich presentation on targeted themes to be shared virtually with a target language audience.

    Present information from age- and level-appropriate, culturally authentic materials orally or in writing.


    • To introduce oneself and others.
    • To say goodbye.
    • To use friendly and polite tones in a conversation.
    • Count to 1,000,000.
    • Find out a price.
    • To speak about days and dates (days of the week, months of the year, seasons, weather)
    • To ask about and tell time.
    • To describe others and their personality traits.
    • To use common classroom phrases and expressions, speak about day and school subjects.
    • To describe families, homes, and pets
    • Identify and discuss cultural topics including celebrations.
    • Compare and contrast various aspects of life in Spanish-speaking countries with their own.


    ¡Así se dice!Glencoe Spanish 1

    (Please make sure students cover their textbook)


    - 1” three ring binder with at least one pocket folder and plenty of loose-leaf paper.
    -Dividers: Apuntes (notes), Trabajo (classwork), Cultura Diaria (Daily Culture)

    I am eager and happy to have the opportunity to teach your children about my culture and my language. I look forward to a very exciting, fun and productive school year.

    Best Regards,

    Sra. Lascarro

    If you have any questions during the year, you can contact me at: dlascarro@usrshoolsk8.com

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