Bogert is a school of about 350 students in Grades 3,4, and 5 that bridges the transition at two junctures for students: from primary grades to upper- elementary and from upper-elementary grades to middle school. We pride ourselves on being a child-centered school with a dedicated staff. Teachers provide a nurturing environment that prepares children to be responsible, caring, creative, and life-long learners.

    The curriculum at Bogert School fosters a passion for learning and discovery. Instruction promotes literacy in all subjects and lessons incorporate higher order thinking and problem solving. These inquiry based and discovery oriented approaches allow students to realize their full potential and make learning experiences meaningful, relevant, and individualized. Teachers in all subject areas are careful to differentiate their instruction for their varied population of learners.

    Student learning is also enhanced through comprehensive professional development opportunities in which our staff participates. Teachers spend many hours during the summer and also during the school year attending workshops across all disciplines. Bogert has several teacher-led committees whose participants study different aspects of instruction and curriculum. This dedication and passion for learning and professional growth not only benefits the teachers, but also ultimately positively impacts the students we teach.

    Students have many opportunities to perform and share their accomplishments throughout the year, and they proudly exhibit their artwork in the halls and classrooms. Students participate in musical instrument instruction: recorders in grade three and an instrument of their choosing in grades four and five. Choral programs and band performances are regular events. Our Student Council is dedicated to community service at the school, local, and national levels and the student newspaper produces two high quality editions each year. Additionally, we have a variety of intergenerational programs in which students participate.

    In addition to differentiating instruction to meet the needs of learners within the classroom, Bogert School has supplemental programs such as English as a Second Language, Basic Skills Instruction, and an enrichment program for gifted and talented students. These programs help all students do their best learning in an environment that is both nurturing and appropriately challenging.

    Bogert students are fortunate and benefit from tremendous community support. Parent organizations and community groups consistently contribute to the school in various ways. Just a few of the many examples would include: teacher grants from the Educational Foundation, numerous volunteer efforts from the PTO, and the implementation of the D.A.R.E. program from the Youth Guidance Council and Police Department.

    The stakeholders of Bogert School are proud of our quality educational program and high standards for all.

    David Kaplan