The goal of the Bogert School Student Code of Conduct is to establish standards of conduct that will: promote a safe and welcoming school environment, allow students to do their best learning, and foster positive relationships between all members of the school community. The social, emotional, and academic success of all students is paramount and the Code of Conduct will set forth rights and responsibilities that allow all students to receive a high quality and well-rounded education in a nurturing environment.

    The Upper Saddle River Schools pride themselves on valuing diversity and promoting an anti-hate environment. This includes an intolerance for racial slurs or any hurtful language motivated by race, religion or ethnicity.    

    In an effort to support the social, emotional, and academic growth of students, parents are expected to:

    • model positive behaviors and exercise respect and civility in interactions with staff, students, and members of the community. 
    • work cooperatively with the school staff to ensure the well-being of all children.
    • insist on their child’s punctual and regular school attendance.
    • provide emotional, social, and academic support in a student’s school life.
    • explain, discuss, and reinforce compliance with the School Code of Conduct.

    For a printable version of the Code of Conduct, Click Here.