• Welcome to 4th Grade!
    Teacher: Emily Whitman
    Contact: ewhitman@usrschoolsk8.com

    About Me: I have been teaching in Upper Saddle River since 2003. I have been both a 4th and 5th grade teacher here at Bogert School. I have two masters degrees both in education.  Please feel free to reach out to me anytime you need to!  We are a team working together to make sure your child has a wonderful and succesful year in 4th grade!  I can be reached at the above email address, or at 201-961-6350, extention 2024.  I will always try to get back to you the same day you contact me.  I look forward to teaching your child this year!


    Welcome to our 4th Grade Class!  


    Here are some things coming up in May:


    Math:  In math, we will be focusing on fraction concepts in unit 7.  We will also be reviewing and expanding our understanding of geometry, place value and measurement in chapter 8.    


    Social Studies:  We will be studying economics this marking period.  This is an exciting unit for students as they learn about needs, wants, supply and demand.  Students design a classroom company complete with a company name, slogan and logo.  Students in our company must apply for business positions and go through an interview process in order to obtain those positions.  As a team, students will decide what product will produce the best profit at the 4th grade bake sale. At the end of unit, students will participate in the sale and see how their product sells! 

    Writing:  We will be writing poetry after we take the NJSLA.  Students will focus on adding figurative language and imagery in their poems.  Writers will use their creativity, experiences and feelings to express themselves.   

    Reading:  In reading, students will be reading various types of poems.  Students will be exposed to all types of poems. Students will analyze the author's craft and discuss the author's message.