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    Reynolds School raised $1,230 towards the American Heart Association which beat our record from last year!  Thank you to all that participated.  Students learned how to use our brand new heart rate monitors during P.E. and Health classes.
    Family Activity Bulletin Board
    Bulletin Board
    We know that the students stay active and have fun during P.E. class but what happens when the school day is over?  This year, we would like to encourage the students along with family members to spend more time being active together!  Whether it's bike riding at the park with a brother or sister, walking the dog with mom and dad or having a dance party in the living room with cousins, don't forget to take a picture of everybody being active!  You can send the picture in with your child or email it to me at cramirez@usrschoolsk8.com and I will put it up on our bulletin board.  By making this school to home connection, students will understand the importance of leading a health and active lifestyle while spending quality family time.  Let's see how many pictures we can get by the end of the school year!
    Star Power Pose of the Month
    Every month, Mr. Walis and I will create new videos showing different classes demonstrating the yoga pose for the month.  These poses correlate with the Word of the Month that Mrs. Slacin creates.  These videos will be used either at the beginning or end of the school day, during rocket recharge and can even be used at home by using the links below!
    October - Click here for the Lotus Blossom Pose
    November - Click here for the Tree Pose
    December - Click here for the Boat Pose
    January - Click here for the Chameleon Pose
    February - Click here for the Partner Twist Pose
    March - Click here for the Elevator Pose
    April - Click here for the Warrior Pose
    May - Click here for the Eagle Pose

    "If you try, you risk failure. If you don't, you'll ensure it."