• Performing Arts in Reynolds School!


    Dear Parents and students,

    Our children need a place that they can find and listen to their own music. Please help to develop your child's appreciation of music, and nurture their musical growth, by setting up a place in your house where they can go to listen to music. Please explore age appropriate music. Please save a play list that is easily accessed, featuring artists that play and compose for children like: Red Grammer (Down The Do Re Mi), Raffi, Bob McGrath (Sing Me A Story),Tom Chapin and children's music collections like "For Our Children" - (Bruce Springstein, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and other pop artists singing children's songs).

    Please enjoy listening to and/or watching musicals together like: Mary Poppins, Annie, Lion King, Peter Pan, etc.

    Thank you for your support!

    Our Performing Arts Program

    All classes are based on the philosophy that at the elementary age level, music and all performing arts are best best understood by hands on experiences.

    This approach includes many aspects of experiencing music. Singing, instrumental ensembles, dancing, theatre, choral speaking, story telling, lyric writing, and improvisation are some of the many areas explored.

    The performing arts classes also include Smart Board instruction, with lessons that highlight: Studies of the musical arts from other cultures, songs in various languages, hands on dances and games that teach music skills, and the study of instruments and their families.​ Focus is given to melodic and rhythmic recognition, and the development of listening skills. ​

    The students are given music homework. They are asked to listen to their performance pieces, and to play music games- both offered under "Activities" on this site. These assignments will reinforce learned skills, and help better prepare them for the excitement of performance! Homework can also include optional creative work like: making home-made instruments, researching composers and instruments, singing and dancing and writing song lyrics.

    Written class work includes articulation of learned skills and knowledge by designing, creating, and critiquing. Students write lyrics as a class, and these lyrics are often used in the performances.

    Performances include: themes which integrate curriculum, showcase barred instrument ensembles (using Orff Schulwork methods), and use movement choreographed by the children.
    Each class lyric writes for the performances. All performances contain movement, songs in other languages, expression, acting, and sign language!​

    Check out the following pages to see what activities there are to do and see!