• Spanish Curriculum


    Students engage in songs, games and other activities that teach them words and phrases in Spanish and make them feel comfortable learning and discovering the Spanish language. During this year, your child will learn many things such as words for colors, shapes, numbers, animals, classroom objects, and greetings.​

    First Grade
    Students in first grade will learn to express their feelings, count from 1 to 20, and learn about classroom objects, days of the week, seasons, and greetings.​ In first grade, the students are also exposed to a variety of different languages and cultures through our Passport to Learning program. ​

    Second Grade
    In second grade the Spanish Curriculum has an emphasis on phonics and commonly used phrases, as well as authentic songs, stories, games, and hands on activities. In addition, there is a collaboration with art where students learn about the painter Frida Khalo, where culture and connections with other subject areas are made.​