• ReyMusic

    K-2 Peforming Arts

    Students learn about rhythm by:

    • Speaking and moving to rhythms (using the Orff method)
    • Playing barred instruments (xylophones, metallophones)
    • Reading and playing notated rhythms
    • Playing hand held percussion (maracas, tambourines, sand blocks)
    • Playing drums (conga and cajones)

    Students learn about singing by:

    • Creating lyrics and stories, rhythms and melodies
    • Listening to many artists and styles of vocal music

    Students will learn about movement/dance by:

    • Creating choreography alone and in groups
    • Dancing alone and with partners
    • Watching dancers and performers

    Students will learn about performance by:

    • Spending class time on performance practice; memorizing pieces, exploring expression, exploring dynamics, hearing and accomplishing blend
    • Working with others and other classes, auditioning for solos, being an audience to other grade levels
    • Watching and critiquing their performances