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    Our Learning Lab program is based on the Response to Intervention (RTI) model. RTI is a multi-tiered approach to early intervention. Teachers use data to target students' individual needs and inform instruction.

    The Learning Lab program is coordinated with the classroom curriculum and provides supportive services for the students. It is not a replacement for reading or math in the classroom. Rather, it is supplemental daily instruction that is designed based on individual areas of need. The structure of this support is tiered and can be one on one and/or in a small group.

  • Reading

    The Learning Lab Reading Program is designed to support the classroom reading curriculum. Within the small group setting, early literacy and reading skills and strategies are reinforced in a comfortable environment.  Aspects of the Orton-Gillingham program are incorporated into our instruction to provide a multisensory approach to learning new concepts.


    The Learning Lab Math Program is designed to support the Everyday Mathematics program, which is used in your child's classroom. Students work on math skills and strategies within a small group setting.

    The Everyday Mathematics program offers the students a broad background in mathematics. It offers a problem-solving approach based on everyday situations, a variety of formats for frequent practice of basic skills, an instructional approach that revisits concepts regularly and a curriculum that explores mathematical content beyond basic arithmetic.​​​​​​​​​​​​

    In the Learning Lab, we play games and do activities to support your child's mathematics foundation. Having a strong foundation in basic math skills helps your child to be successful when doing math in the classroom and beyond!