• Traffic and Safety Guidelines

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    1.Speed limit on school property is 15 mph.
    2.Cellular phones should never be used while driving on school property. One minute of distraction can lead to life altering disaster.
    3.Please respect the role of traffic monitors and police in helping to provide a safer environment.
    4.NEVER leave your vehicle unattended in the “No Parking/Fire Zone,” even for a brief time.
    5.Do not stop in crosswalks at any time especially when traffic backs up during drop-off time.
    6.NEVER back up in the “Kiss & Drop” areas (a child may be behind you.)
    7.Police Officers are present to strictly enforce violations. Along with possible fines and insurance surcharges, tickets issued on school property require a mandatory court appearance.
    8.Do not leave your car unattended where it may block other cars and create a serious traffic and safety concern.
    9.Parking at the Science Center is designated for STAFF ONLY.
    10.Do not park in any numbered spaces, which are designated for staff and reserved spaces.
    11.Do not leave children unattended in cars.

    As we go into another school year, we again ask all adults to comply with safety procedures (use crosswalks) to set a good example for the students and for safety. We rely on the cooperation of everyone in order to keep traffic moving and to keep our children safe.



    •Only buses will be allowed to enter at the entrance north of tennis courts. Bus students will be dropped off at north end of Reynolds directly onto the sidewalk. 

    Option #1 - Enter between tennis court and Board of Education building. 

    •Cars must yield to buses leaving bus drop-off lane.
    •Use designated "Kiss and Drop" lanes for Reynolds and Bogert.
    •If you must escort your child into school, please use unnumbered parking spaces only. Parking in front of school, in staff lot, and reserved spaces is prohibited.

    Option #2 - Bogert Side-Lot

    •Enter two-way lane next to firehouse.
    •Follow road around traffic circle and drop off in striped "Drop-off Zone".
    •Children should be ready (shoes on, bookbag ready, etc) to exit the car on the passenger side.
    •If you must escort your child into school, please use designated Visitor Parking Lot in front of Reynolds only. Parking in front of schools, in faculty spaces, or in reserved spaces is prohibited.  Sign-in at office is required.
    •Bogert Visitor Parking spaces may not be utilized during drop-off time.


    Please CLICK HERE to view the Cavallini traffic flow information. 


    Traffic Pattern


    Here are parent options at pick up. All patterns require cars to line up at one of four locations. 
    Cars will NOT be allowed to line up in lanes immediately adjacent to schools. Buses only will be in these lanes.

    Option I: Enter Bogert School via access road adjacent to firehouse and proceed to line up in circle.

    Option II: Enter by roadway SOUTH of tennis courts. Proceed to either:

    a.Staff parking lot (fill in empty parking spaces) and then proceed to form a double line up. This U-shaped line up accesses AND leaves by the roadway south of tennis courts.

    b.Form a double line up in parking lot which faces Bogert School. Cars in this lineup will be dismissed only after all busses leave at about 2:30 p.m. This line up leaves by roadway in front of Bogert School. 

    Option III (new since 06/07 school year): Vehicles may enter lanes NORTH of the tennis courts (those reserved for busses only in the morning). Form a double line with lead cars parked adjacent to pagoda. Personnel will direct you. These cars will leave by driving forward and egressing behind
    cars in Option II-b.

    Additional Information:

    •Vehicles must not be left unattended.
    •Be prepared to move as soon as you are able.
    •Cars line up in side parking lot of Bogert School around traffic circle
    •Drivers who must leave their vehicles must park in the visitor lot.


    Please CLICK HERE to view the Cavallini traffic flow information.

    Additional information:

    •Children should NOT be picked up on West Saddle River Road.
    •All cars should enter through lower driveway. Cars should turn right and proceed through the lower lot and form two double rows facing west. It is important that the lanes around the parking area in the upper parking lot be left clear in case of emergency. Do not park or stand in the fire lanes adjacent to the school.
    •Cars that are picking up along the circular drive should move to the farthest point of the curve (past the flag pole).
    •There is no parking or standing in the designated fire lane.
    Drivers who wait for a child should park in the lower lot.