Karen Hunter, PT, C/NDT

    Upper Extremity Strengthening Activities
    1) Forward pass
    2) Ribbon sticks making big circles with arms
    3) Basketball ball
    4) Working with arms overhead
    a) easel work
    b) fingerpaint in bathtub on tile
    c) paint brush with water on side of house
    5) Making big rainbows with sidewalk chalk in driveway
    6) Wheelbarrow walking
    7) Playing catch
    8) Carrying heavy objects ie. Grocery bags
    9) Climbing and hanging from playground equipment
    10) Sweeping the driveway with a push broom
    11) Hockey with a playground or therapy ball
    12) Raking leaves
    13) Sweeping the driveway with a push broom

    Pelvic Girdle Strengthening Activities
    1) Kneeling and half kneeling at coffee table 2) Kneeling and half kneeling pushing large

    Core Strengthening Activities- Hold for count of 10 to start, progress to 20
    1) Lie on belly and fly like superman 2) Lie on back, bring knees into chest, lift head and shoulders off floor
    3) Crab position
    4) Hands and knees position - lift one leg out straight behind you, then switch