• Upper Saddle River is constantly reviewing it services for Gifted & Talented students across the district. After a year long action research study, the district has decided to move its K-2 building to exclusively school-wide enrichment. The enrichment teacher, in collaboration with classroom teachers, develops and implements whole class lessons and STEM challenges.  These grade level projects inspire students to use their creativity and problem solving skills, while providing opportunities to collaborate with peers and build communication skills.  Additionally, the enrichment teacher serves as a teacher-facilitator for techniques of differentiation within the general education classroom.  As a result, every K-2 child participates in enrichment experiences throughout the year.

    On a typical year, pull-out services remain for grades 3-8, however, due to Covid, the district has had to use our enrichment staff in different ways. The enrichment teachers will continue to evaluate when, if, and how to begin evaluating students for pull out enrichment during this time. Upper Saddle River school district strives to provide excellent learning opportunities for the school-wide population. Assemblies held throughout the year may feature children’s authors, guest speakers, music and dance performances, and historical life experiences. Class field trips boost interest in curriculum areas, as well. Careful planning and communication help to develop the talents of all students.

    Upper Saddle River school district will continue to review and analyze the optimal way to provide students across the district with enrichment experiences. This may include moving all grades to in class support for enrichment experiences to support students with extending lessons and units.

    K-8 Teacher Checklist