• Guidance Counseling Program 2019/2020


    The Guidance Counseling Program at Reynolds Elementary School is an integral part of the total educational curriculum. The program includes a comprehensive developmental classroom guidance program, individual and group counseling and crisis counseling. The purpose of the program is to assist students in developing positive attitudes and coping skills that will guide them through their daily life experiences.

    Classroom Guidance lessons promote the character education values of Respect, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship. Each classroom is visited once a month for a thirty-minute lesson.

    Group and individual counseling takes place in the Guidance Room one time per cycle to provide opportunities for the children to express their feelings, increase self-esteem, manage behavior, develop frienship skills, and learn coping skills in a supportive environment.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the program or your child, call the school at (201) 961-6311 between the hours of 7:45am  and 3:10pm

    email sslacin@usrschoolsk8.com


  • Don't Just Look at the Stars...Be One 

    In conjunction with Open Circle, students will have a monthly focus; Star Power Words, for a more indepth way of incorporating important character eduction concepts into their everyday lives. Keep an eye out for Reynolds' focus at the beginning of each month!

    September: Reflection

    October: Calm

    November: Feelings

    December: Positive Self Talk

    January: Compliment

    February: Include

    March: Mindfulness

    April: Speaking Up

    May: Problem Solving

    June: Friendship