• 5th Grade News

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    In December, fifth grade students are working on their first non fiction unit of study in both Reading and Writing.  Students are learning the art of journalism and how to research the community around them in order to tell the story of a place.    Students are encouraged to read newspapers, watch local news, and talk to their parents about important and relevant topics that may be considered newsworthy. Examining a high interest topic and writing from a position of thoughtful observation, accompanied by thorough research, conveying information and ideas clearly and accurately will help students best understand the ethical ways of telling stories about people.  


    This month, students will also be visiting the holiday shop, so keep an eye out for the date and time your child’s class will be attending.


    This month’s units of study are:

    Reading - Media Consumption

    Writing - Journalism

    Math - Fraction Concepts; Adding and Subtracting Fractions

    Science - Chemical Reactions

    Social Studies - Understanding the motivation and consequences of European exploration to the “New World”



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    November is going to be full of exciting activities for the fifth graders.  Students will be attending their first field trip to TreEscape, an aerial adventure park.  This trip is sponsored by the Youth Guidance Council as part of the fifth graders D.A.R.E. program.  Students also had an opportunity to see some brave and daring feats by riders on BMX bikes.  “Dialed Action Sports Team” helped the students learn about bicycle safety and the importance of being kind to others.  Students also celebrated Red Ribbon Week and shared strategies for how they handle stressful situations and show empathy for those that have a lot “on their plates”.  


    This month’s units of study are:

    Reading - Reading informational texts through the lens of a journalist

    Writing - Writing as a journalist

    Math - Understanding fraction concepts; adding and subtracting fractions

    Science - Structure and Properties of Matter

    Social Studies - Understanding the motivation and consequences of European exploration to the “New World”



    October starts some new opportunities for the fifth graders.  Officer Anthony Pulizzano will be joining the fifth grade classes to teach the students about Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E)  Once a cycle, Officer Anthony will come to each class and teach the students about making good decisions, communicating effectively, and ways to respond to peer pressure.  The D.A.R.E. program runs from October through December and culminates with an exciting D.A.R.E Day celebration in June.  Along with the weekly lessons, a BMX bike show on October 26 and a field trip to TreEscape Ariel Adventure Park in Vernon, NJ on November 1 and 3 are also part of the program.  Permission slips will go home with students in mid-October for the field trip.  


    Other units of study students will be learning this month are:

    Reading - Continuing analyzing characters’ perspective and their problems.

    Writing - Publishing personal narratives

    Math - Whole Number Place Value and Operations

    Science - Space Systems

    Social Studies - continuing defining geography and using various tools to learn about spatial distributions and patterns on Earth.  





    This is going to be a great year for the fifth graders with lots of wonderful learning opportunities.  The first being our upcoming Space presentations.  John Miller, from Pearl Observatory, will be coming to Bogert with an inflatable planetarium where students will learn about how constellations change throughout the year in the night sky. He will also bring several telescopes for students to look at the Sun while they learn about solar flares and sunspots.  


    On the evening of September 27 (rain date 9/26), both parents and students will be invited to view various planets and the moon through several high powered telescopes. John and several other astronomers will be available to provide some interesting facts and answer questions.  Specific times for the evening presentation will be sent home by classroom teachers.


    Other units of study students will be learning this month are:  

    Reading - Analyzing Characters’ Perspective and their Problems

    Writing - Writing Personal Narratives 

    Math - Calculating Area and Volume of Rectangles and Rectangular Prisms

    Social Studies - Defining Geography and Using various tools to learn about spatial distributions and patterns on Earth