• June

    It is hard to believe the school year is coming to an end! 

    Language Arts-Classes will be finishing up essay writing and historical fiction reading. 

    Math-Unit 7-In this unit students formalize their understanding of multiplying a fraction by a whole number and use this knowledge to solve problems in real-world scenarios. 

    Science- our final unit of study is Earth Systems: Processes that Shape the Earth. By the end of the unit, students will be able to explain why landforms on Earth continuously changing,  how can humans have a positive impact on our planet, and what effects obtaining natural resources can  have on our lives and our planet. 

    We are so excited to end our year with a field trip to the Franklin Mineral Museum as a fun way to learn about earth processes and landforms. 

    Additionally, the first week of June is spirit week, so make sure to dress up based on each day's theme!