• Quad-District Enrichment Program Identification Criteria

      The identification of academically talented students in Tier 3 occurs through regionally developed procedures that involve multiple measures including standardized testing, test of cognitive skills, and teacher input based on student behavior and performance. Click on the links for more detailed information.

      Quad District Enrichment Identification Matrix

      • NJSLA Scores - ELA and Math
      Teacher Checklist
      • CoGAT Test of Cognitive Skills 

      6th grade students and new students will take the CogAT(Cognitive Abilities Test) which will be administered around September 20.

      Students who have met the criteria for the gifted and talented program will receive letters which will be emailed out on or before September 30.

      Appeal Form may be obtained from Mrs. Stearns and must be filed by October 15. Send forms to EStearns@usrschoolsk8.com

      Students new to Cavallini Middle School who meet the Quad-District criteria will be notified by November 15 to allow current classroom teachers to complete the teacher checklist.