Extra Credit Opportunities


    The following are extra credit possibilities. Remember extra credit is not an alternative to doing the assigned work. The best way to do well is to complete all assignments on time and to the best of your ability. Extra credit will not change your grade from a C to an A. It might, however, give you that extra point or two to go from a B to a B+ or an A- to an A. Points are averaged into the total they are NOT added to the final average. The maximum number of extra credit points you can accumulate in a marking period is 10. Each option is worth one point.

    All extra credit must be handed in before the end of the marking period.So, if you want to get a few extra points there are a number of possibilities:



    For English:

    Write/draw an extra piece in your writer's notebook.

    Write a book review on Destiny.

    Participate in Battle of the Books. 

    Give a quick book talk to the class about a book you loved.

    Bring in a review from a newspaper or magazine that your classmates might like to read. This can be for a book/movie/tv show /video game etc. as long as it is school appropriate.

    Find a unique vocabulary word being used in a piece of writing (newspaper, book, magazine etc.). Write out the sentence and underline the word.

    Find a literary device (simile, metaphor, personification etc.)being used in a piece of writing.Write out the sentence and underline the words that make up the literary device. Name the device.