• Workshops

    Workshops will be run by ACE team members, and can include activities such as Lego League, Arts & Crafts, Fitness, Improv and more.


    Grades K-4

    All children in grades K-4, will be enrolled in a daily workshop. The themes for the workshops will be emailed home at the start of each semester.


    Grade 5

    Children in grade 5 will have the option to enroll in either workshops or free-play. The option chosen will be the same for all days of attendance. Workshop enrollment for grades 5 will take place twice each semester. A form with themes for workshop enrollment will be emailed home prior to the start of the semester. 


    Grades 6-8

    Children in grades 6-8 will be enrolled in free-play for all days of attendance. Workshops are not offered for children in grades 6-8.