• The Cavallini Middle School Enrichment Program enhances the existing curriculum by providing experiences that are challenging, meaningful, and enriching.

    Tier 3: Identified Students
    Students are identified using multiple criteria including their CogAt score, NJSLA scores and teacher checklist. The “pull out” Enrichment program engages identified students in projects involving problem-solving, higher-level thinking skills, collaboration, STEM and multidisciplinary activities. The 8th program may include the on-site greenhouse and personal interest projects; the 7th grade program may include running an online School Store and Restaurant/Food Truck competition; and the 6th grade program may include Artifact Box exchange and a community service learning project. Projects and activities may vary year to year based on students' interests and project availability. In addition, 7th and 8th grade students are invited to participate in Bergen Brain Buster competitions with weekly practices and monthly competitions.

    Tier 2: Targeted Students
    Students may self-select to participate in Enrichment Experiences, or E Squared, once a week during their Academic Support class. In E Squared, students will participate in STEM challenges and interdisciplinary activities such as trivia contests and public speaking strategies. In addition, students may be pulled out for individualized enrichment in a particular subject area (i.e. 6th grade math) and afforded opportunities that extend their depth of learning. The Math Club will administer several math contests after school throughout the year. Student-led science inquiry projects will also be supported.

    Tier 1: Whole Class/School-wide
    School-wide enrichment opportunities may include the Spelling, Science, Geography and History Bees, poetry contests, reading challenges, TREP$, elective choices, science current events, math classroom extensions and more!

    The Enrichment Specialist also works closely with the classroom teachers and counselors to ensure that the academic, social, and emotional needs of the academically talented students are met.
    We strive to promote the abilities and gifts of all students.