• After Care Experience Discipline Policy 


    ACE is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all of the children. To promote safety and comfort for all, the children are expected to follow the same code of conduct that all children follow during the school day.  


    All school codes of conduct are in effect during the district ACE program. Those students who choose not to follow the code of conduct can be subjected to consequences for misbehavior. Consequences for misbehavior can include:

    • Time out with site coordinator during ACE

    • Behavior Contract or Reflection Sheet

    • Phone Call or Meeting with Parent and ACE Program & Student Support Coordinator

    • Immediate child pick-up from ACE

    • Short/Long Term Suspension from ACE

    • Lunch/Recess Detention during school


    *Please note: All school codes of conduct can be found on each school’s webpages.


    If a child exhibits any behaviors that involve intent to purposely harm themselves, other students, or the team members, the parent(s) will be called to pick up the child immediately and the student will be suspended from the program. 


    ** Should your child require special care you MUST inform the ACE Program & Student Support Coordinator (ace@usrschoolsk8.com) prior to the first day of their attendance at the program! 


    ***No refunds will be provided if your child is suspended from the program. ***