• Registration/Payment

    After Care Experience (ACE) registration and semester payment will be on-line only and open in accordance with the schedule noted in the Enrollment section on the website and in the handbook.

    Registration and payment must be completed online via MySchoolBucks.


    If you do not have a MySchoolBucks account, please:

    1) Click the "Sign up today!" link on the login page

    2) Select New Jersey and Upper Saddle River School District from the drop-down menus

    3) Enter your account information

    4) Click "Continue to add a student"

    5) Find your child by entering their school first name, last name, and birth date and add them to your account

    6) Please:

    1. Go to the School Store and click on "After Care Experience (ACE)"
    2. Select how many days you would like your child to attend
    3. Check the boxes next to each day.

    (Note: FULL YEAR DISCOUNT: There is a ONE-TIME opportunity to save an additional 5% on your annual ACE tuition.  You may choose to pay the entire year in full on MySchoolBucks and then drop off a check to the BOE by August 21, 2020.)


    It is our policy that tuition is paid in full for each semester. We do not prorate for any reason, including, but not limited to, absences or emergency closings.

    Note: The program has attendance limitations. The ACE program reserves the right to limit sign-ups after the deadline has been reached.