• USREF Grants
    USREF Grant Presentations - USREF members surprised teachers with grant presentations throughout the district! Huge thanks to the Upper Saddle River Educational Foundation for all of their support throughout the years!

    Rey Benches
    Reynolds Space Stations - After getting student feedback and ideas, we recently added four new benches in an effort to help our students navigate the playground. Special thanks to the Saddle River Junior Women's Club who helped make this vision a reality!

    DARE Skit
    Boget DARE Skit - 5th grade students acted in two skits highlighting the harmful affects of vaping and drug use. This video was presented during the DARE Graduation.

    Blue Ribbon
    Bogert Blue Ribbon Video - Not only is Bogert a high achieving academic school, but the staff knows how to have a great time too!

    Bogert TreeScape - The USR Youth Guidance Council sponsored a 5th grade DARE team building field trip to TreeScape and it was fantastic!

    Rube Goldberg Machines - Our 6th graders enjoyed learning about the transfer of energy through creating Rube Goldberg machines and classroom presentations! Watch & enjoy!

    Marshmellow Tossing
    Cavallini Marshmellow Tossing - Students in Mrs. Chamberlin's 6th grade class design, test, and redesign Marshmellow Launchers in the STEM lab!

    Cavallini Math Explore - 8th Grade Algebra students learn about Linear vs Mostly Linear Concepts in Mrs. Dorn and Mrs. Vosseler's class.