• Upper Saddle River is constantly reviewing its services for Gifted & Talented across all three schools. After two years of research and a comprehensive review, the district has solidified  new practices that provide more students with enriching experiences across all content areas.  These experiences are defined by three distinct levels: 

    Tier 1 Supports include school wide and whole class instruction.  This may involve school wide events, push in lessons, competitions, service projects, and other events designed by our Enrichment Teachers. 

    Tier 2 Supports involve targeted lessons around interests and/or strengths of individual and groups of students.  

    Tier 3 Services  are provided for all students who have been formally identified as Gifted and Talented through our Regional Enrichment Criteria. 

    The Upper Saddle River School District will continue to review and analyze the optimal way to provide students across the district with enrichment experiences. 

    Enrichment Criteria Identification Matrix

    Strengthening the Gifted and Talented Education Act  

    Filing a complaint:
    As the law states, "an individual who believes that a school district has not complied with the provisions of this Act may file a complaint with the district board of education. The policy can be found here.  The board shall issue a decision, in writing, to affirm, reject, or modify the district’s action in the matter. 

    The individual may then file a petition of appeal of the board’s written decision to the Commissioner of Education through the Office of Controversies and Disputes in accordance with N.J.S.18A:6-9 and the procedures set forth in State Board of Education regulations [N.J.A.C. 6A:3-1.3 and 1.4]."