• homework

    Listed below are options for extra credit.  Please keep in mind that extra credit is not designed to replace assigned work, but rather enhance topics of interest.  In other words, extra credit will not significantly alter your grade.  Completing assignments on time, arriving to class prepared and upholding a positive, proactive attitude towards your learning are the best ways to achieve your own personal best.  I believe in you and am here to help you achieve these goals!


    Extra credit points are averaged into the total and not added to the final average. The maximum number of extra credit points you can earn in one marking period is 5. Each option is worth one point.  All extra credit must be completed three days before the end of the marking period.


    Extra Credit Options: 1 point each

    -Write a book review on Destiny 

    -Give a brief book talk to the class on a book you have just completed

    -Define a new vocabulary word, explaining the context in which the word was used and also strategies used to define it

    -Complete an extra response log for independent reading book

    - Share a published, credible book review for a newer book that would be of interest to your class