• Reading 

    In the resource room, students will be surrounded by a balanced literacy curriculum.  More specifically, students will have the opportunity to participate in guided reading, engage in shared readings, interact during read alouds, and independently practice newly acquired reading skills.  Throughout Reader’s Workshop, students will develop and utilize strategies that will help them become life-long readers. Lastly, students will learn through a multi-sensory approach where they will expand their understanding of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, and comprehension. 


    During Writer’s Workshop, students will learn a multitude of skills which will help them become successful writers.  The Writer’s Workshop model allows students to collaborate in a shared writing process, independently practice different strategies, and receive feedback from student-teacher conferences.     


    The Everyday Mathematics Program utilizes a spiral approach where students will learn new concepts and continuously review previously learned material.  The students will focus on grade level curriculum that is taught in small groups and personalized to support the needs of each learner.