Welcome aboard your next flight! I am so excited to be your ELA teacher this year and to be your pilot as we embark on a journey of learning and growing together! I hope by the end of the year each scholar develops his/her powerful ELA voice, gains confidence in his/her reading and writing abilities, and recognizes his/her own academic, personal, and social-emotional potential. Most importantly, I hope each scholar gains confidence in his/her abilities, allows him/herself to make mistakes and learn, and believes in his/her own potential and growth. Every scholar has the ability to reach his/her own potential, and I hope to aid each scholar in doing so! As passengers and scholars on our upcoming "flight" into learning more about ELA, I believe we will be a positive and supportive classroom community in which we will grow and learn together: "Our classroomis like a sunflower garden. We will grow and bloom together!" So grab your ticket on board our flight!





    For more information about our classroom, please visit my webpages. My webpages include further information on myself, our classroom, expectations, student spotlights, and ways to connect with our classroom.



    7th Grade ELA: https://sites.google.com/usrschoolsk8.com/7thgradeela/home

    8th Grade ELA: https://sites.google.com/usrschoolsk8.com/8thgradeela/home 


    Happy reading, writing, and growing! 


    ~ Miss Byrnes ~