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    Chapters 22-24

    Dr. Jerry Dragoo is a real person, who is a real skunk expert. To find out what he has to say about skunk care, and to watch his documentary  “Is That Skunk?” go to www.dragoo.org.

    Chapters 19-21


    * Do you think Janie really understood the gesture Bat was trying to make by giving her Pj's to Thor?

    * Why do you think Dad continues to call Bat "Sport" if he knows Bat doesn't like it?

    *It seems like Israel is trying pretty hard to be Bats friend. Do you think Bat will recognize this by the end of the book? What makes you think that?

    *Bat approves of his dad's very clean and organized garage.  Choose a place in your room or house that you wish you had more organized.  Spend some time while you're home getting it organized and see how it makes you feel afterward! 

    Chapters 16-18


    *Why does Bat need to run through a list of things that he is "supposed" to say when Israel asks him to play at recess?

    *Mr. Grayson seems to really understand what Bat needs.  He does a great job of listening to Bat without judging what he is saying.  Do you think any other characters in the book listen to Bat that well?

    *Many people are overwhelmed with the sounds and smells at a vet's office, but they don't seem to bother Bat!  Why do you think sounds bother Bat so much at school and home, but not at his moms Vet office? 

    Chapters 13-15

     Spring is on it's way.  Sometimes baby animals (skunks included) find interesting places to hibernate during the winter.  See if you can think about the most unusual place for an animal to hibernate. Draw a picture of that place and share it with your family. 

    Chapters 10-12

    Tomorrow is the first day of trivia in the classrooms... pay close attention to the details in your reading today!

    *For a chance to win a prize at the end of the book complete the challenge below:

     -- On page 68 Bat spills his hot cocoa on his shirt and his dad tells him to "Be careful, Sport" Bat thinks this is a dumb thing to say because he's already spilled his drink.  What is another expression you can think of that doesn't really make sense.  If you can think of one, write it down, and describe why you don't think it makes any sense. Bring it to school tomorrow and hand it in at the main office.. DONT FORGET TO ADD YOUR NAME!

    Chapters 7-9


    *What do you think of the philosophy at Saw Wheat that studnets should go out rain or shine or snow? Would you like that same philosophy here at Bogert?

    *On page 49 Israel says only one word "Dude."  but that word has a lot of meaning.  Why did Israel say this and what more could he have said to help Bat understand what "Dude." meant? 

    Chapters 4-6


    *The author shows that Bat is very focused on details. Where in these chapters did she show this?

    *Janie and Bat had very different reactions to hear that the mom skunk and other kits had died, but this one had survived. Why do you think they reacted so differently? Who's reaction do you identify with more?

    Chapters 1-3

    It was so nice to see such a wonderful turnout for Read-A-Latte and our Bobcat Book Club kickoff!  If you missed it, please take a look at the first three chapters and check out some of these comprehension questions to discuss your reading. 


    *How did Bat get his nickname?

    *What type of relationship do you think Bat and Janie have?

    *What is a prediction you can make about the story based on the first three chapters?


    When Mom comes home late, without calling, and without yogurt, Bat says that it’s the last straw and he begins to get upset.  In order to calm Bat down, Mom kneels down, speaks in a soothing voice, and explains why she is late and couldn’t get yogurt.  

    Think about a time that you sometimes feel like it’s “the last straw”.  What do you do to calm down? Do you need help from someone else, or do you prefer to calm down on your own?  Share what you do and how it helps you to feel. Practice both of your calming ideas and discuss how each of them made you feel.