• Steps for Interscholastic Sports Participation Clearance

    Step #1:  Complete the online Registration Forms (Track & Field / Girls Lacrosse / Boys Lacrosse/ Baseball/ Softball)   

    Step #2:  Review the date of your child's last physical examination.  If it was within 365 days ago, complete Step #3 only.  If the date of examination is more than 365 days ago, please complete both steps 3 and 4.

    Step #3:  Complete the Health History Form in Genesis (see steps below)

    Step #4:  Print, complete and have a physician sign the Athletic Physical Forms, and upload


    *Directions for Completing Health History Form in Genesis

    -Log into the Genesis Parent Portal 

    -Click on forms

    - Health History Update Winter Sports, Submit Form 


    *Directions for Uploading Athletic Physical Forms

    -Log into the Genesis Parent Portal

    -If you have multiple children, use the drop-down menu to select the correct child

    -Select Student Data>Forms

    -Select Cavallini Physical Forms Upload

    -Please upload forms only after all are completed & signed, ATHLETIC PHYSICAL FORMS IN GENESIS (see steps below)


    *Physical examination must be conducted within 365 days of the first day of tryouts/practice.

    *If a child has had an injury requiring medical intervention since the last physical examination then a medical clearance to participate in sports activities is required.