• Curriculum

    Please check Google Classroom daily in order to obtain the day's assignments.

  • Reading Workshop​

    At home, it is important that you read to your child books that they may not be able to read themselves and talk about the story.  It is also important that you listen to your child read books at their level and discuss the story with them.

    Please make sure that each night your child is reading just-right books for 15-20 minutes and recording it on their reading log.  Of course, your child is welcome to read more if they want.


    Writing Workshop​

    ​Encouraging your child to write at home will help them practice their skills and can provide a helpful home-school connection.  If your child writes a story at home, please feel free to send it in-I would love to read it!


    Word Study

    In second grade we will be using the Words Their Way Word Study program while integrating multi-sensory instruction and activities.  The students are working on differentiated sorts to increase their fluency with various patterns and features.  We will also be working on the spelling of Red Words - words that the students cannot yet spell phonetically.


    Shared Reading

    ​Each week we will focus on a different text in Shared Reading.  Shared Reading simply means that we read and study a piece of text together.  Throughout the week, we will be working on strategies that compliment the ones taught during Reading Workshop to help scaffold the students' learning.  We will be working on comprehension, fluency, expression, Word Wall words, and new vocabulary. Shared Reading will also become a vehicle for learning grammar and other language skills such as parts of speech, literary language, and more.  We will add words from these texts to our Word Wall, Grammar Word Wall, and our Word Detective Notebooks.



    Please remember that although it is important that the students are able to automatically recall facts, it is also important that they understand strategies for solving the problems, as this will help them as they begin to encounter larger problems.

    Don't forget to refer to the Everyday Mathematics website and my Helping Your Child page for more information on the strategies we will be teaching.  It is important that your child practices with flashcards for 5-10 minutes each night (beginning October).  They may also play fact practice games on the Everyday Mathematics website, go onto XtraMath, or play a game like Addition Top-It to practice these skills as well.

    Encourage your child to explore the Everyday Mathematics website to help extend their learning.  The website contains many valuable resources such as Home Links, a review of skills, and games.  A link is available on my Helpful Websites page.  Also there, is a link to the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives website.  There the students can manipulate base-ten blocks, geoboards, clocks, pattern blocks, and more!


    Social Studies and Science

    In Second Grade, we will be learning about people who have changed the world in many ways and indigenous groups of people.

    Community Circle

    A district-wide initiative this year is to build community and social-emotional support through Community Circles.  It is dedicated time each day will allow our class to come together to build a strong, supportive class community.  This will facilitated through group discussions, read alouds, and other activities.  During our Community Circles we will also address concerns brought up by students to ensure that each child has a voice.