• Homework

    In second grade, homework is meant to reinforce concepts taught in school. Typically, the students will receive math homework each night. The math sheet should be returned the next day, unless otherwise noted. They are also expected to practice flashcards for 5-10 minutes each night (beginning in October). Please make sure that a parent or guardian initials the flashcard log.

    The students are also assigned 15 to 20 minutes of reading in their Just-Right books. Each night, the students will choose one to two of their Just-Right books to bring home to read, reread, think about, and enjoy. Although no formal homework is assigned for the weekend, please feel free to encourage your child to read throughout the weekend.

    The students should fill out the homework log to keep track of their reading and their fact practice. Please remember that only parents or guardians should be signing the flashcard log. The students should fill out the rest of it themselves.

    Homework Log

    Homework Extensions
    Here are some things for your child to do in order to build on what we are learing in class. These are optional activities that you may choose to have your child complete.

    Spelling City - This students can work on their Word Study word sorts, as well as high frequency words and vocabulary on this website. It provides fun, engaging games that will enhance your child's learning.

    Everyday Math Website - The EDM website has educational games that align with our current lessons. You can choose to go directly to a game that is related to the day's lesson, or you can go to the game area where your child can choose from many different skills to practice. This area also has challenge activities that your child can choose to work on.