• Homework Policy

    Dear Parents,

    Please read this policy over with your child, print it, sign it and have your child return to me. Merci. 

    1. ALL homework assignments are due upon your arrival at the beginning of class. You will not be permitted to go back to your locker for a forgotten assignment. (Keep assignments in the homework section of your French binder!)

    2. ALL assignments must have a heading (French first name, last name, class, date in French, and activity # with the

    page number).Your homework must be fully complete in order to receive full credit.

    3. Any assignment not received at the beginning of class will be considered LATE.

    4. You have one day to make up a missed assignment, however, you will only receive half credit. (Missed assignments due

    to illness do not apply to this. You will have ample time to make up those assignments.)

    5. If you come to school late on the day an assignment is due and you miss my class, you are still responsible for getting

    the assignment to me by the end of the day. (If I am not in my room, you may leave it in my mailbox in the front


    6. Any homework missed because of an absence is due the day you return to school. (If you have been out for more

    than one day, we will discuss when it is due when you return.)

    7. Each homework is worth 10 points. Late assignments are worth 5 points.

    8. Three (3) late or three missing assignments in one marking period will result in a lowered letter grade on your report

    card. For example: If you have a straight B average and you have a total of three assignments that were not turned

    in on time (two late and one missing, or one late and two missing, etc.), you will receive a C on your report card.




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