• lascarro1

    Dear Students:

    The ability to speak and understand another language will be a great asset to help in the future! It will also be a passport to a whole new world of opportunities for you.  I’m eager to teach you Spanish and the many diverse cultures and traditions that are connected to this important world language.
    Please make sure you understand and review all the classroom rules and expectations.

    Sra. Lascarro 

         Class Rules

    • listen with the intent to understand
    • Do your 50%
    • Choose respect   



    • Homework assignments may not be turned late.
    • Papers and Projects turned in late will earned a 60% of the grade.
    • All homework will be posted on Genesis. 

         Daily Routines

    • Everyday you will begin a short exercise.
    • This work is counted toward participation.
    • Be positive and help each other- no ridiculing. Do not be afraid to speak in the target language! :)



    • 1'5 Inch Binder
    • Diverders (5)
    • earbuds
    • Charged chromebook


    • Attendance is not only mandatory but necessary for success
    • If you are absent, YOU are responsible for notes from class and arranging to make-up assignments.


    • Students can come during Academic Support to go over any questions or for review of previously learned material. 

        Grades (Point System)

    Homework 10 points

    Approach to learning 20 points

    Class work (Reading, Speaking, Writing, Litening Activities) 15 points

    Quiz 25 points

    Test  50 points



    ** There will be opportunities for students to improve their grade during each marking period.  Must speak with the teacher.

    To Succeed…. 


    -PARTICIPATE.  Speak Spanish as much as possible in class.  

    -STUDY REGULARLY.  Practice using flashcards, online resources, and study sheets, and your text.

    -TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LEARNING.  Make sure that you have completed and turned in all your work as well as any tests or quizzes you may have missed should you be absent from class.  

    -KEEP ORGANIZED  Know where your resources are so you can use them, and know where you placed your assignments so that you will be able to find them when you need to hand them in.  

    All external links are intended for educational purpose only.  If you come across any content that makes you uncomfortable, please contact the classroom teacher who will in turn, notify the building principal.