I. Expectations
    7th and 8th Grade Concert Band is a performance oriented group consisting of standard instrumentation; (Piccolo) Flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, trumpet, french horn, trombone, baritone horn, tuba, and percussion.

    A. Goals: 7th and 8th Grade band’s primary goal is to instruct students in ensemble playing, and to add to and improve their musical expertise, and provide varied, rich and rewarding musical experiences with an ultimate end goal of giving public performances.

    B. Textbooks, Music: The text for this course is Standard of Excellence book 3. Students must purchase their own copy of this book at your local music store.
    Sheet music is purchased as sets by the school and will be distributed to the individual students. PLEASE NOTE: Students are responsible for the proper care all music entrusted to them. Lost or damaged music will be replaced at the student’s expense. All fees for lost and/or damaged music must be paid before grades will be released.
    A music folder will be provided and slots assigned for storage in the band room when they are not in use or taken home.

    C. Instruments: Students need to provide their own instruments.
    Instrument Storage and Care: Storage cabinets are provided in the band room. These cabinets are for the storage of school-owned and privately owned instruments (all instruments are expected to be taken home for daily practice.) STUDENTS ARE STRONGLY DISCOURAGED FROM LEAVING THEIR INSTRUMENTS UNATTENDED IN THE BAND ROOM WHEN THEY ARE NOT PRESENT.
    Also, NEVER leave your instrument overnight in your locker. Changes in temperature and humidity are harmful, especially to woodwind instruments, and we have had instruments misplaced. Please check with your homeowner’s insurance concerning the coverage on your instrument.

    D. Basic Format for Year (Divided into four quarters):
    The 7th and 8th Grade band is devoted to classical musical literature.
    We choose our literature to fit the unique talents and abilities of our musicians.
    In addition to our regularly scheduled concerts, we are often asked to play for special occasions, such as the dedication to the auditorium, art show exhibits, and, back to school events on a voluntary basis.

    II. Grading policy
    · Class behavior
    · Performance in class
    · Performances

    A. Behavior: Because 7th and 8th Grade Concert Band is a performing ensemble, proper behavior is absolutely essential. This includes the following components:
    · Adherence to class rules (see Rules)
    · Self Discipline
    · Proper behavior (school policies)
    · Positive attitude
    · Cooperation
    · Respect for others
    · Attendance in class and at performances
    · Proper care of all instruments and materials
    · Shared responsibility for the care and transportation of equipment

    B. Performance in class:
    · Preparedness at the start of class
    · Practice at home (Students are required to practice 20 minutes a day, five days a week. Practice charts must be filled out and signed by a parent or guardian every week!)
    · Quality of work in class

    C. Public performances:
    · Moving, setup and takedown of equipment.
    · Preparedness to play at the appointed time and place
    · Proper on-stage behavior as indicated by the director
    · Quality of performance as an individual, ensemble

    III. Performances
    The 7th and 8th Grade Concert Band performs at a winter and spring concert as well as graduation band for selected 6th and 7th graders. The 7th and 8th Grade Jazz Band Performs at a winter and spring concert and at a Club Illusion concert. Dates will be given well in advanced, and unless there is a family emergency, attendance is mandatory. Grades will be deducted for those not present. (Please contact me immediately in case of emergency. We are a team and need all of our players.)

    IV. Rules:
    Instrumental Ensemble

    1. Remember why we are here: Our number one priority is to have fun making music.
    2. Behave in a mature, professional manner
    3. Encourage and support one another.
    We are learning. We are not perfect. It is OK to miss notes. It is NOT OK to humiliate someone who makes a mistake.
    4. Assume responsibility for your own music, instrument, and behavior at all times.
    5. Be ready to play when class begins.
    6. Follow the director's instruction.
    7. Practice regularly at home.
    8. Work as a team.

    VI. Private Instruction
    Private lessons (outside of school) are strongly recommended for the serious musician.​​