• 8th Grade Study Skills:

    The following strategies are reinforced during the study skills classes:

    • Students are allowed to work on homework that is assigned THAT day only...If an assignment was given the day before and the student did not do it, he or she may not be allowed to work on it during the study skills class (unless assigments was not understood)
    • Students need to come to class prepared with the work they need assistance with
    • Students will prepare and study for tests
    • Students will complete study guides or review previously taught concepts
    • Students will have the opportunity to get extra help if they do not understand an assignment
    • All the assignments are written down on the board. Students can take this opportunity to make sure they have all their assignments written down in their assignment pads/chromebook
    • Students may read their independent reading books
    • After school help is available- students need to see me
    • Students need to advocate for themselves- if they need assistance, they need to ask for it
    • Students need to be responsible for their own work, their own actions, and their own behavior

    Open lines of communication between parent and teacher strengthen student success!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone or email