Studying for Tests:

    • Do not cram!
    • Begin studying at least a week before the test.
    • Study in a quiet, well lit, distraction free area.
    • Sit at a table and chair to study- this creates an atmosphere conducive to working. (this also helps when it comes time to take the test because you are taking a test in the same environmental set up that you studied in.)
    • No snacks during study time.
    • Initially perform an overview of all material.
    • Study material that is more difficult/that you don't know that well.
    • Take 1-2 breaks during study time. (get up, walk around, get a drink, etc.)
    • Memorize one thing at a time (repeat the information, draw a picture to visualize, verbalize outloud, visualize it in your head, create mnemonics or associations, put it to rhyme, add body movement while singing/reciting.)
    • Have someone quiz you.
    • Study a little every night.
    • At the beginning of each study period, spend about 10 minutes reviewing the previous period's material.
    • Flashcards are a good way to associate new material and break material into manageable parts.


    • Relax
    • Get a good night's sleep
    • Eat a good breakfast
    • Come to school prepared to take the test (have sharpened pencils, pens, calculator, etc.)
    • Make sure your name is on the test


    Homework Time

    • Take a break when you come home from school before you start your homework
    • Homework sessions should be the same time every day, if possible
    • Take one to two breaks during homework time
    • Gather all materials before you start
    • Start the hardest assignments first, then move to an easier assignment as a break
    • Parents should be available to assist their child

    Homework Environment

    • Should be at a table and chair
    • Distraction free (away from high traffic areas, TV, music)
    • Well lit area
    • Organized/clutter free

    Assignment Book/Chromebook

    • Students should record all assignments in an assignment book/Check Genesis for HW assignments
    • Parents should review the assignment pad/Genesis/Google Classroom everyday to see what homework, tests, or projects are coming up
    • Parents should also check after homework is completed to ensure that all work is complete and the assignments are placed in the student's backpack

    If a student is having excessive problems with a homework assignment, get help from a parent. If problems continue, stop and ask for assistance from your teacher the next day.

    Parents should praise their child!

    If your child is having a hard time getting started or understanding the directions, do an example with him/her if possible