Extra Practice
    username: first three letters + last name + cav8
    example:  jespikecav8
    password: Pike + five digit code
    example: Pike12345

    Class Materials

    • 3 Ring binder (1.5 to 2 inch)
    • Loose-leaf Paper
    • Pencil (all workMUST be done in pencil, no pens)
    • 4 Function calculator (or better)
    • 8 Binder sections labeled as
      •  Investigation 1
      •  Investigation 2
      •  Investgation 3
      •  Investgation 4
      •  Investigation 5
      •  Summaries
      •  Weekly Worksheets
      •  Assessments

    Grading Criteria

    Every assignment is worth a certain amount of points. Tests will be worth the most, followed by quizzes, weekly worksheet, and homework.

    Homework: (Posted daily on Genesis)

    • Homework is assigned just about every day, including Friday.
    • Homework is graded based on completion, so every problem MUST be attempted. If you do not know how to approach a problem, use your summary. If this doesn't help, write out an explanation as to what you did not understand.
    • Homework is due when you walk into class.

    Weekly Worksheets:

    • Weekly Worksheets are available every Friday, and are due the following Friday, giving you one full week to complete them
    • Each weekly worksheet consists of 10 questions, worth 1-point each, for a total of 10 points.
    • They are graded on a non-partial credit scale, meaning each problem is either marked right or wrong.
    • Students have the opportunity to come in at any time during the marking period to receive partial credit back for problems originally marked incorrect.
    • In order to gain credit back, you must complete the corrections with me either during Academic Support or after-school


    • We quiz after 1-2 Investigation. (Atleast 1 quiz per book.) We do not review for quizzes, so please stay on top of your notes. You will be given 1-2 days notice before a quiz.


    • Expect a test following each book
    • All tests are CUMULATIVE, meaning not only will you be tested on the current book, but prior books as well. So when you are studying, it is a good idea to look back at old summaries and assessments.
    • This should not be a problem if you are doing the extra 15 minutes of review you're expected to do each night (Welcome to 8th grade!).

     How You Can Help Your Child Succeed in Math Class

    • Assist your child with homework and preparing for examinations
    • Encourage your child to come for extra help after-school or Academic Support
    • Help with consistent practice of math basic skills (flashcard, real-world math applications, weekly worksheets, MathXL)