• I. Materials Needed:

    • Folder
    • Chrome-book
    • Ear buds

    II. Homework Policy

    • Homework is due on time; if it is incomplete or not with you, it is considered late, and subject to point penalties.
    • Homework is worth 10 points; late or incomplete homework is worth 5 points.
    • You have 1 day to hand in a late homework.

    III. When you are absent….

    • Check homework hero for missed assignments
    • See another responsible student or me to catch up on notes/assignments/quiz or test dates you missed.
    • Schedule any make-up quizzes or tests with Mrs. Tyburczy (time and date)

    You have the number of days you were absent to make up work (including quizzes and tests). After that point late penalties will be applied or will result in a 0 (unless other arrangements have been made)

    For example: out Monday and Tuesday ---- make up work Wednesday and Thursday --- work due Friday!


    IV. Grading 

    • QUIZZES – graded out of a possible 50 points; however, depending on the length or difficulty the value may vary.
    • TESTS AND PROJECTS –graded out of a possible 100 points.
    • AVERAGE - to calculate your average:
      • Number of points earned
      • Total possible points 

    V. Organization

    • Being organized is an important skill - organize your Google Drive. Create folders and label what you are working on in order to facilitate on-going work and studying.