• Class Rules

    Be Respectful!
    Be Responsible!
    Be Ready – to learn!

    Graded Work

    Each assignment is given a point value based on the type of assignment it is (homework, quiz, project etc.) and the difficulty of the assignment.
    Find out your grade by dividing the points you have earned by the total possible points from this marking period.
    Check your grades on Genesis to find out your average. I will be grading assignments in a timely fashion.
    Late work will be accepted, but points will be deducted according to timeliness and completion. 


    According to the Cavallini Student Code of Conduct:
    Plagiarism may result in the loss of credit for that assignment. Multiple incidents of academic dishonesty will be accompanied by progressively severe consequences.


    If you are absent, please see Ms. Willner for the work that you have missed.
    Please hand in any work that was due when you were absent.
    Obtain notes from classmates, and come to Ms. Willner any time with questions!


    Having your Chromebook each day is very important and will count towards a weekly participation grade.
    Please do not have your Chromebook in use during class, unless instructed to do so by Ms. Willner.

    Cell Phone Policy According to Cavallini Student Code of Conduct:
    Students are permitted to have cell phones in school, although they must be turned off.
    7th Graders should keep their phones in their lockers.