• Class Materials

    • 3 Ring binder (1.5 to 2 inch)
    • Loose-leaf Paper
    • Pencil (all work MUST be done in pencil, no pens)
    • 4 Function calculator (or better) (not mandatory)
    • 8 Binder sections labeled as
      • Investigation 1
      • Investigation 2
      • Investgation 3
      • Investgation 4
      • Investigation 5
      • Summaries
      • Weekly Worksheets
      • Assessments

    Grading Criteria

    Every assignment is worth a certain number of points. Tests will be worth the most, followed by quizzes, weekly worksheets, and homework.

    Weekly Worksheets

    • Weekly Worksheets are available every Friday, and are due the following Friday, giving you one full week to complete them
    • Each weekly worksheet consists of 10 questions, worth 1 point each, for a total of 10 points.


    • We quiz after 1-2 investigations. (At least 1 quiz per book.) You will be given 1-2 days notice before a quiz.


    • Expect a test following each book. 
    • All tests are CUMULATIVE, meaning not only will you be tested on the current book, but prior books as well. When you are studying, it is a good idea to look back at old summaries and assessments.