• Policies and Procedures for Science

    I. Materials needed every day.

    • A. pen or pencil
    • B. Chromebook

    II. Assignments / Homework

    • A. Lateness– Homework / Projects / Assignments  will be accepted late for credit (75% for 1 day, 50% for 2 days late).
      • 1. All graded assignments will be reduced 1 letter grade for each day late. No assignment will lose more than 50% of it’s value regardless of lateness.
      • E. Absence – for every one day of absence students will have one day to make up any missing assignment. Example. 3 days absent = 3 days to make up all missing work.

    III. Grading

    • A. Homework
    • B. Tests – Science
      • All tests will be announce a minimum of one week before test date.
    • C. Quizes / Labs Science
      • Labs – All activities done in class, some reports / projects completed at home.
    • D. Extra Credit – Various labs projects presented through the year & Current Events Friday